Pandemic Isolation: The Things We Do While Stuck at Home

It’s been a while since we’ve posted something here. We’re wondering what everyone’s up to these days. Since quarantine was in place, some little things have changed, but still, there’s no clear view of what’s up ahead.

The malls have since opened, but not for the usual strolling; though we can now visit with proper safety measures. Concerts and events are still postponed indefinitely or canceled, schools are still closed, and corporations and the tourism/travel industry are still working on ways to keep things afloat.

A big chunk of people anywhere in the world have become jobless, but if you’re able to stay home healthy, sort of mentally sane and keeps pushing through this pandemic; life must still go on albeit indoors and perhaps, some of us may have found themselves more productive while some others are burnt-out by this endless work-from-home setting.

We’re now in the last quarter of 2020 and some bad days, perhaps some sprinkles of good days in the midst of the rainy/typhoon season are yet to come.

But as they say, “We must not be afraid of relinquishing control over certain things and ultimately letting go. Good things are yet to come.” We are accountable for our own matters, but some things are beyond our control, so we must act and set goals accordingly.

Despite being not updated here, we focus on life and make constant decisions to better ourselves in each chance we get. During these difficult times, problems are constant yet it’s also the best chance for us to strive our best. Here are some ways things have changed while stuck isolated at home:

  1. Putting a halt from taking photos with our cameras for the time being
  2. Now working from home after quitting the Music Museum appointment
  3. Got into cooking, baking, and organizing things
  4. Putting together a good working space
  5. Discovering a whole new sphere and discipline of design that respond to a changing world
  6. Finding learning opportunities and new design principles online
  7. The offline journal is the new thing
  8. More time to watch films, documentaries, and Korean dramas
  9. We miss friends but family time is just enough for now
  10. Regular use of video calls, Skype, and Zoom to nurture and reconnect relationships

During this time of the year, we should have been preparing for Halloween and the coming Christmastime; but all these have now become a little too far from our reach. 

I myself have struggled with working from home: piling up more work, transitioning from the usual work set up and keeping productive while striving for accuracy. When there is so much going on, I’m always wondering where I stand–whether I feel okay or hopeless.

Frustrations will always be there as I go on thinking about how to possibly get things done properly. Perhaps, there really is no right answer. It may be better to choose the “go easy-on-yourself” lifestyle.

We may be stuck and unsure for now, while we try to keep anxiety at bay, but we just can’t be paralyzed by all these. We’re all in the same boat, albeit with some differences depending on how efficient government leaders from where you live. What we feel is valid and real but we will cope up, let us be grateful to live and recall these moments for when the way of life comes back to where it belongs.

As we move forward, let’s focus on taking care of ourselves, adapt resiliently to the changing times, learn to value the little things, and find a purpose to be helpful in improving our present situation. Believe that things will get better soon.

Speaking of turning our focus to gratitude, we’re happy about Filipino-Japanese Journal’s continuation of its issues after some break. We’re always fortunate about working and collaborating with them. We are grateful to our publishers, D&D Press Japan.