Andy Grammer Takes Center Stage, Brings “The Good Parts” to Manila

Recently, I went to catch Andy Grammer at his press conference without any expectations. I eventually learned that Andy, known for his hits “Honey I’m Good,” “Fine by Me” and “Keep Your Head Up, has a genuine passion for music and songwriting. Through his songs, recognizable pop trends about happiness and positivity serve as a striking contrast to the sometimes explicit content of today’s pop music. Watching him live on stage the next day is a bucket list thing to do after discovering the good concert reviews about him, and how I am impressed about his innate humbleness and sincerity on how he interacts with people during the press con. Reminiscing his roots “I’m very excited. I’ve never been to the Philippines before and I heard a lot about your incredible place,” greets Andy at his press conference in Marco Polo Ortigas. He adds, “Everywhere I go, people are smiling at me and I really like that.” Andy Grammer is pleasant and easily likable when he stepped onto the stage with his joyous smiles during his press con. He answers questions enthusiastically, introduces himself, and engages well with the media.
“I started as a street performer for about four years when I lay my guitar case open in a little place in Los Angeles and Santa Monica where there is a whole street flocked out, pretty much every day I’d pay my rent by going out, playing music, selling CDs. And it’s amazing to go from something like that to coming out as far as people knowing my songs,” Andy fondly narrates his early years in his career. He believes that street performing is a great way to get started a career as it sets high standards during excellent performances and as early preparation for performing on stage. It stays with him wherever he goes. Relatable songwriting is the worthy goal During the press con, he recalls his first songwriting. It signifies a shift in his career direction, and on how he eventually empowers the world with his music. The global smash hit single “Fresh Eyes”, a streaming phenomenon with over 300 million total streams with its catchy summer jam featuring LunchMoney Lewis, is just among his greatest accomplishments as an artist. “It’s really exciting to have it heard across the world, it’s really my introduction to the rest of the world,” shares Andy as he revealed that this song was written for his wife. It’s about refinding love with someone you’re already in love with. His debut album also features the platinum singles “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine by Me.” The second album, “Magazines or Novels”, carries the triple platinum infectious smash hit “Honey, I’m Good”, which is one of the best-selling songs of 2015 and the certified gold anthem “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah)”. We discovered that songwriting for Andy does not have to be always in a happy state of mind. “Write what you know. I believe that you got tests in life to grow and so you’re probably not writing songs that says life sucks, and that’s it. That’s not what I want to write. I have hard times; some of the music I wrote when I was 25 had a big impact on me so I know pain. It’s just that I don’t believe that pain is just there to hurt. I believe that it helps you grow,” recounts Andy. “For me, it’s about trying to capture truths about the world, I can almost call it like ‘scientific truths’… and in every great song has that inspiration that comes from just trying to catch what’s already going on.” A joyride of songs It’s different when you go through songs on Spotify than listening and watching it being performed live. We went to Music Museum to discover the music of Andy and his desire to win everyone over has been victorious. As an audience, it felt to me like a wonderful joy ride of songs! The intimate concert atmosphere is one of the best reasons as to why I love experiencing them in smaller venues. But it’s not only Andy but also his songs that light up the stage. He brings “The Good Parts” in Manila and fans deeply appreciate it wholeheartedly. While Andy shares with us what he thinks about a good song, that it must capture something about life that we all feel in an interesting, new way. We definitely agree that his songs are all good for many reasons. “Keep Your Head Up,” one of his popular songs, is one of the great ones he composed. “It’s my first song about not having even a dollar on the street for a whole day. And I went home and I was like, “Man, it’s pretty rough being out in the street and just be out there playing for eight hours and not one person to give you a dollar. Pick myself up and it went great in the US, used it in movies and went platinum,” uncovers Andy. Music video below is courtesy of Mushroom Videos.

“Spaceship” is another song he dedicated to his daughter Louise. The concert is one awesome night of positive vibes, great music, and crazy energy. Andy’s musicality stands out along with the band’s synchronized dance routine in the background. He even played several instruments himself during that night, from guitars to keyboards, and the trumpet. During his performance, Andy’s short introduction to his songs has given more impact to us. It’s all good taking his photos while enjoying a concert that’s the best one yet. The concert #AndyGrammerMNL is presented by Wilbros Live. “Salamat!” tells Andy with eagerness. “Thank you for coming. I’ve really appreciate you. I started as a street performer in LA, California, it’s kind of like just trying to people stop as they walk by to get jeans. To come and have people sing my words in the Philippines is amazing for me so thank you. Thank you for coming,” ends Andy Grammer before he introduced his last song, “The Good Parts.”

“Basically, it [Good Parts] stems from one of the biggest wounds that I had – I lost my mom when I was 25 – and every time I’ll have a conversation with someone new, if I bring it up, I share my deepest wound and it creates a vacuum and the person that I’m talking is to ghost like, ‘Oh, I got some shit, too’ and they tend to share what they got as well.  I just feel like we all have these incredible, personal stories and some of the deep stuff we don’t share so I wish I have an hour-long coffee with every single person in this room to get to know you, get to know your real stuff, so this is my song about wanting that. Again, thank you very much for coming, it means the world to me.” IN PHOTOS HERE: #AndyGrammerMNL Leaving you with my favorite Andy Grammer hits performed at the concert: Smoke Clears, Fresh Eyes and Back Home, video courtesy of Lexter Orlanes. #AndyGrammerMNL is presented by Wilbros Live. ,