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VerJube Photographics invites you to experience the live music scene with your favorite artists as the website owner and music photographer Oliver Calingo and Jovelyn Bajo explore and give you facts on the current thriving state of the local music industry. They are Manila-based professional graphic/layout artists and certified music lovers.

PROFILE: VerJube Photographics

VerJube Photographics is a collaboration of two creative minds – real-life couple Oliver Calingo and Jovelyn Bajo (more popularly known as ‘Ver’ and ‘Jube’) — who have started their journey in the field of photography through humble beginnings: armed with just a point-and-shoot camera plus their acuity in photo editing. From there, they produced an array of good photographs and by mid-2009, through the persuasion of friends and by taking inspiration in some of the country’s most renowned ‘couple-tag teams’ of the business, they honed their skills and took it to another level by quickly learning the tools of the trade.

By late 2010, VerJube Photographics has jumped from mere neophytes in the industry to become professionals by covering prestigious events such as The Company @ 25 (October 2010) and SOULMATES with Jay-R & Kyla (November 2010).

Also, through their love and passion for music photography, they started blogging through featuring the story behind the events and album launches they cover — at the same time giving way to artists (especially in the OPM scene) – to promote their albums and concerts.

In December 2010, they were chosen as the Best Photographer in the 30th Annual Year-Ender & People’s Choice Awards.

As of 2011, VerJube Photographics has been commissioned by Music Museum Group, Inc. – one of the most popular events and concert venue in the Philippines – as in-house photographers when their work was discovered Music Museum’s theater manager herself, Ms. Malu Lanto, when they covered the Company @ 25 concert.

From then on, they have been continuously consigned to cover one event after another and some of their notable photography.

They likewise ventured into behind-the-scenes shoots for TV5’s ‘Alagang Kapatid’, Sitti’s music videos and Aisaku’s album recording. They were also given the opportunity to shoot the album cover for Davey Langit’s ‘Mad About Acoustics 2’.

Their partnership only continued to prosper and in 2012, showcased photos of celebrated artists, some of which are listed below:

  • ‘Rockin’ The Roots’ with Pepe Smith, Sampaguita, Rene Garcia of Hotdog, Lolita Carbon of Asin, and other Pinoy Rock artists in a rare assembly (January 2012)
  • Yeng Constantino’s ‘OK Lang Maging Single Sa Valentines’ (February 2012)
  • Gary Valenciano’s ‘On Higher Ground’ (April 2012)
  • The Ryan Cayabyab Singers in concert (July 2012)
  • Rico Blanco’s ‘Galactik Fiestamatik’ (September 2012)
  • Noel Cabangon’s Simpleng Musikero (September 2013)
  • VIVA Records and Vicor Music’s OPM iLike Mall Tour (Last quarter of 2012)
  • Rachel Ann Go’s ‘R.A.G.: Rise Against Gravity’ (October 2012)
  • Ely Buendia’s ‘A Trip Down Rock Memory Lane’ (November 2012)

VerJube Photographics has also worked with social media sensations like YouTube discoveries — David Choi, Clara C and AJ Rafael – and covered international talents such as Kevyn Lettau in the 2012 Philippine Jazz Festival’s ‘Mardi Jazz’ (February 2012), Kina Grannis’ ‘In Your Arms World Tour’ (August 2012), and The Von Trapp Family Singers (December 2012).

They do magazine layout for magazine and newspapers as well as other layouts and banners for artists, events, birthdays, debut, weddings and other occasions.

VerJube Photographics views photography as a passionate expression of art and firmly believes that with passion, there is also learning. These remarkable photographers are able to amaze us because they capture emotion with exact clarity in any event through learning photography by heart. Combining their passion for the art, craftiness — by giving their photos an aggressively graphic finish — and through learning, they were able to constantly express their ingenuity through their photographs almost to perfection.

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VerJube Photographics specializes in music photography, events and layout designs. For bookings and inquiries, contact Ver at 0915.946.7869 / Jube at 0915.267.2746 or email us at