13 Interesting Discoveries About ‘Baby Boy’ Jung Hae-in

We still can’t get over Korean actor Jung Hae-in’s smile-inducing second fan meeting in Manila held Saturday evening, September 28, at the New Frontier Theatre in Quezon City.

Jung Hae-in arrived in Manila the day before and has already graced our hearts with his enigmatic smile upon his arrival at NAIA, all the way through his press con before his One Summer Night fan meeting.

“I’m so happy to be back again in Manila after last year’s visit. I am very happy for the opportunity to sit down for an interview on top of that,” said Jung during the press con at the Marco Polo Hotel with host, Sam Oh.

Yes, we were able to attend his press con as he answered several questions from the media that we’re sure a lot of us have been dying to know.

1. Jung Hae-in’s first appearance was in 2014 via the TV drama ‘Bride of the Century’

His role as Choi Kang-in is the younger brother of Choi Kang-jo (Lee Hong-ki) and the son of a haunted family. Looking back, we probably wouldn’t recognize the younger and skinnier version of Hae-in in blonde hair. Prior to his official acting debut, he was first introduced through AOA’s music video for their song titled “Moya” in 2013.

Since then, he has appeared in several dramas, mostly in small roles and cameos until he took hold of everyone’s attention in his special appearance as Choi Tae-hee, Ji Eun-tak’s first love in tvN’s groundbreaking fantasy drama “Goblin” in 2016—this catapulted him to wider public attention outside South Korea bringing his career more ardent support.

He established his career further with strong and attention-grabbing supporting roles in “While You Were Sleeping” and “Prison Playbook” —both in 2017; until he finally landed his first starring role in the popular Netflix and JTBC series “Something in the Rain” in 2018 opposite Son Ye-jin.

His most recent role as Yoo Ji-ho in MBC’s One Spring Night” is a pharmacist and single-father—a considerate and understanding young man who has matured much earlier in his life than his peers.

 “The role of Yoo Ji-ho in One Spring Night was the most recent drama project that I worked on as an actor, so this is still very fresh and I have great memories about this project. What was interesting about it is I played a father in this show,” he explained during the press conference.

He has recently reunited with his Goblin co-star Kim Go-eun for the movie “Tune In For Love” that is set to be released on Netflix this November. The actor also graced the red carpet at this year’s 24th Busan International Film Festival for the film’s screenings at the festival.

2. Hae-in would like to visit the beaches in Cebu or Boracay.

He shared during the press conference that if he were given the chance to explore, he’d love to visit some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.“I would love to go to Cebu or Boracay,” Hae-in shared with the press

3. Hae-in listens to BTS.

Jung Hae-in reveals he listens to BTS without hesitation because he finds their music healing for him.

“I listen to them a lot while I’m on transit going from one schedule to another. I listen to them at home and I feel relaxed listening to them,” tells Jung with a sweet smile.

4. Hae-in wants to portray his dream role.

Fans would like to know Hae-in’s favorite role so far among his portrayals. “If given a chance, I would like to play the role of a company executive or more popularly known as “chaebol” in Korea. I really want to portray many different roles… Like in my upcoming movie about youth, I’m also very excited for you to see my portrayal of the character. I want you all to see it as soon as possible. The title of the movie is ‘Start’.”

“It was very new to me and very interesting to portray. The difference between this character and Seo Joon-hee, the character from Something In The Rain, is that Joon-hee is very aggressive and goes after love [without hesitation].”

The actor also adds how he considers his role as Ji-ho the most memorable, but his personal favorite is role as Joon-hee.

5. Hae-in is grateful to do the things he loves.

“I’m just grateful that I get to do something that I love. I am an actor and I’m grateful that I get to do that. It is also very embarrassing for me to compare myself to other actors and say why I’m better than them,” Jung said.

“Acting is something that I do because it’s something I enjoy and makes me happy. But knowing that people enjoy my work and watch my shows and movies, makes me so thankful.

6. Hae-in showcases his singing skills at the fan meet.

This year’s fan meeting, he promised to share more behind-the-scenes stories from new projects that he’s been working on. “I am also excited to share with them my singing skills which have been upgraded very slightly,” Hae-in humbly added. And the actor did not disappoint!

He sang songs like “Every Day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim, “Where The Wind Blows” and “With The Heart To Forget You,” and an a cappella version of Kim’s “Me After You.”

7. The fans’ smile makes Hae-in smile.

It’s not always about Hae-in’s killer smiles, but it’s also kilig to know that he appreciates endearing encounter with Filipino fans. “I am so happy and honored that I have fans around the world who are interested in my work and who make sure to watch my work. In the Philippines, I noticed that my fans are a little on the shy side. They are also very warm as I arrived at the airport and saw everyone smiling. It makes me smile when I see the fans smiling. So I am always thankful for the positive and warm energy that my Filipino fans have,” he said.

The fact that you are all here, people taking pictures, there’s someone interviewing me makes me so grateful. I’m so excited to work on more shows and more movies so that I can make all of you guys happy and thank you for all your support. Thankful and grateful that you are all here. Kamsahamnida!”

8. Hae-in was lovestruck with calamansi juice

Early on during the fan meet after his first song, host Sam Oh offered the actor a glass of calamansi juice—to which the actor was hesitant at first, probably thinking the natural drink might be a little too much for his taste buds. However, after his first sip though, it was clear that he instantly fell in love with our very own calamansi juice and without thinking twice gulped the whole glass down.

He shares he’s had a taste of San Miguel Beer the night before the fan meet, and even tasted Jollibee’s peach mango pie, but his first Filipino meal was one of our most favorites, the steak.

9. Hae-in has a talent in drawing

During one of the games, Hae-in showed his hidden talent in drawing—he had to draw his manager’s face on a shirt using his non-dominant left hand in a limited time. To the fans’ amazement, he was able to draw his manager’s face and it really did look like his manager—it’s probably the cutest t-shirt there ever is. The hand-drawn t-shirt eventually went to one lucky fan.

10. Hae-in is thoughtful and sincere

During his “Pharmacist for your Soul” segment, Hae-in thoughtfully considered each of the problems that were picked from three fans. He advised an Indonesian fan whose boyfriend has broken-up with her for fangirling too much about Hae-in—that her decision was right, to love herself first; but he also doesn’t wish to be the reason for broken relationships.

11. He would want to get married before turning 40

During the TMI (Too Much Information) segment, one of the fan questions he’s asked is when he wants to get married. He says that he plans to settle down before he turns 40. Another interesting trivia that fans got to know about him is that during long flights, he keeps himself busy by going through scripts or by entertainment through watching dramas or movies, but he also doesn’t forget to give himself a well-deserved sleep.

12. Hae-in’s secret to great skin

There’s always a sense of wonder for fans about how Korean actors and actresses have such great skin. Hae-in shares during the show that it’s important to drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep, and use Dewy Tree’s facial mask.

13. Hae-in wants to come back to meet Filipino fans every year

Hae-in says he wants to come back to the country to meet his Filipino fans every year. Now that’s definitely something to always look forward to and prepare for beforehand for his most ardent Filipino fans. Be sure to continue saving up, so when Hae-in comes over again for a fan meet, you’re absolutely ready!

Hae-in has also been recently confirmed to lead a new tvN drama titled “Half of Half” with Chae Soo-bin. The drama is reportedly set to premiere in March 2020 and will be produced by Studio Dragon and from the minds of Lee Sook-yeon (One Fine Spring Day, On the Way to the Airport) and PD Lee Sang-yeop (Familiar Wife).

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