Under the Glow of the Satellite: Sandwich Concert Marks 20 Years

Friday the 13th may be considered unlucky but April 13, 2018 has been exceptionally favorable to the iconic band Sandwich for a lot of incredible things. “Under the Glow of the Satellite: 20th anniversary concert” is their biggest and phenomenal show to date that occurred in Metrotent, Pasig City. It’s an honor, a thrill and a commitment to be present and to cover the band’s 20th anniversary concert for Manila Concert Junkies (MCJ). We are grateful to be among MCJ’s trusted people to be able to experience such kind of music celebration. We would also like to thank Jam 88.3 for including us on its big list of attendees. Billed as Under the Glow of the Satellite, it’s a line taken from one of Sandwich’s most popular songs, “2 Trick Pony.” The concert is an all-hits essential rock dance party as the audience gets to hear Sandwich the way they want to hear them in a dual stage venue. Check out the epic opening of #xsx concert with this song “2 Trick Pony,” video by Jover John Vasquez.

Attendees are greeted with food carts selling a variety of Pinoy favorites paired with local beer and other alcoholic booze as well as customize band merchandise items being sold all over the venue. The event started with performances from few local acts like Autotelic, Ciudad, She’s Only Sixteen, Tom’s Story, youngsleepyboi, and Diego Mapa.
Looking Back at 20 Years When Sandwich got together in 1998, the group was simply a bunch of like-minded music fans who want to make songs, play them live and eventually recorded it. Most of them were already in other bands, and working on radio and in record labels (except for Marc who was in school). It was simply an excuse to make other kinds of music with other people, a fun thing to do on the side. The debut album’s kick-off single took off and the rest is history. Since then, the band has released eight albums, and continues to be a pillar of the local music community. They’ve picked up every award a rock band can possibly have in Manila. They’ve played the width and breadth of the Philippines. I first met them personally in 2013 with the release of “Fat, Salt & Flame.” We attended a mini press con and eventually catching the launch of the said album at Centriswalk. The band was then celebrating their 15th anniversary. Five years later, they’re still unified by their passion, camaraderie, hardwork and shared musical influences. They’ve emerged as a solid musical force for many years yet Sandwich still manage to take care of each other even after they’ve created their own individual scenes with specific sounds through other bands. More about this article HERE. Today, Sandwich is celebrating their 20th year anniversary with the release of the new single, ‘Time Lapse’. Video courtesy of Rakista Radio.

20 Years of Music and Wisdom The band Sandwich, with members Raimund Marasigan (vocals), Diego Castillo & Mong Alcaraz (guitars), Myrene Academia (bass) and Mike Dizon (drums), is one of the most multi-awarded bands in the Philippines. During the concert, Sandwich not only charmed the fans with their music as magnetic frontman Raimund Marasigan also delivered few words of wisdom – on enjoying concerts in this age of digital technology and asking fans to refrain from watching through their devices during the show. “We recommend guys that you put your phones down and just enjoy the music… Well, you can take a few photos but iba pa rin when you hear iyong bagsak ng bass and you groove with it,” Raims insists not to worry about taking videos because celebrity videographer Jason Magbanua is documenting the concert for all of us. For that Friday night, people gathered together for one simple purpose: to celebrate the greatest music milestone of Sandwich with a magnitude of a long-lasting impact in the Philippine music history. The concert was overflowing with love for the band: friends chatting about nostalgic Sandwich experiences and bursting Sandwich classic songs on a buoyant rock-dance celebration. “It’s about taking care of each other,” says Raims as he shared pieces of wisdom on how they sustained long-term success as a band spanning two decades. Today, they’re still active in performing, touring and making music. “Thank you very much for taking care of us and for taking care of everybody. It means a lot,” Raims expresses to the bank of fans behind them. Sandwich Continues to Rock For Sandwich, rock ‘n’ roll is never just about the music but also treating each other as family. It is what keeps the band together for so many years. Their achievements are all the more remarkable because they serve as an inspiration for other artists and new generation bands. Adding to their success is the sustained quality of their musicianship. They are masters of Pinoy alternative rock that has become both instantly recognizable and profoundly influential. The songs performed include “Butterfly Carnival,” “Walang Kadala-dala,” “Betamax,” “Timelapse,” “Hairpin,” “Jetlag,” “Masilungan,” “Sugod,” “Maybe,” “New Romancer,” “Take to the Moon,” “Nahuhulog,” “Sunburn,” “Procastinator,” “Kagulo,” “Sugod” among others. Sandwich feat “Butterfly Carnival,” video below by tabachoi. With the concert coming to a close, the band found their way to the smaller stage, went crazy on stage, crowd surfing and intimately interacting with people. It’s a genuinely standout moment, it really turned out to be everything we thought it could be as we relished every second of it. Sandwich is on the top of their game, urged the crowd to engage with the music and showed us how an awesome rock concert is supposed to sound. As a matter of fact, Sandwich music has transcended from generation to generation, and I am thrilled to see young fans enjoying their sound. It’s surreal to witness and be part of the people who made this historic concert happen. IN PHOTOS HERE: UNDER THE GLOW OF THE SATELLITE CONCERT You can also check out our guest blog posted at manilaconcertjunkies — LINK HERE. UPDATED: JUNE 6, 2019 Let’s relive the moment! Watch the xSx Sandwich: 20th Anniversary Concert Film by Jason Magbanua here: