Stick Figgas’ ‘Realistick’ Carries Hard-Hitting Filipino Life Stories

From a group of four to becoming a trio, and then duo, Stick Figgas is now composed of eight members with Loonie, Ron Henley and Kat Agarrado on vocals, JC Sebastian on guitars, Tuts Calinawan on bass, Macky Brillantes on drums, Bboy Garcia on turntables, and Nikki Cabardo on keyboards. The good music writing weapon of Stick Figgas has finally been unleashed on their much-awaited album, “Realistick.” Stick figgas realistick With its  reincarnation, we are introduced to the album’s hard-hitting yet smooth flowing tracks that tackle both light and heavy real-life experiences as an artist, as an individual and as Filipinos. Realistick, a sequel from the album ‘Critical Condition,’ the 9-track album features fan favorites “Laman-loob,” “Mukhang Pera,” a new version of “Nandito Lang Ako,” and their latest viral track “Ubasan.” The previous album on the other hand, was a compilation with an overwhelming amount of lyrically minded hip-hop collaborations with Gloc-9, Bassilyo, Syke, and Francis M.
The Album Launch Back to the grind, from the place where we used to practice during the early days of learning music photography, Eastwood Central Park has been our home in covering artist’s album launches and introducing new music. We miss covering rap artists, it’s not often we see them live. With Stick Figgas, there weren’t not a lot of people but we knew that they are the noteworthy kind of supporters Stick Figgas need. With our heightened expectations, we were treated to discovering into a wider scope of rap/hip-hop music. Check out this video featuring Ubasan performed from the album launch, video by Faru.

The gradual growth of rap music in the Philippines has been overwhelming these days, partly because of influences, fearless creativity from artists, and the consumer’s maturity towards good content. From being just a hobby and passion to earning the respect of the rap underground and legends, there is no doubt that Stick Figgas has nowhere to go but up. Stick Figgas is unstoppable on stage with a more dynamic live band and musicians as its new format. Al James opened the stage for them while Apekz and Abra joined them in a few songs. Album Launch Set List: Intro Lamanloob Mukha ng Pera Balewala Hagdan Cerberus (with Abra) Isang Jeep (Abra & Apekz) Pilosopo Parisukat Tao Lang Biglang Liko Ubasan IN PHOTOS HERE: REALISTIC ALBUM LAUNCH Realistick sets reality into a new level We appreciate Stick Figgas’ rhyme scheme complexities, grit, and quick-witted wordsmiths. We’ve seen diversity through singing verses; from the melodious voice of Kat Agarrado and additional jazzy tunes and turntable elements. Stick Figgas vocals (Loonie, Ron Henley & Kat) come together perfectly. Check out with this song Mukha ng Pera to test it for yourself. Music video by StickFiggasTV.

“Mukhang Pera” rhymes about money matters and on how money influences society. “Laman-loob” tells about communicating good decisions, selecting best solutions, and taking actions. “Ubasan” conveys a one-night stand experience with a stranger.  “Hiram” narrates the satisfaction of living a borrowed life. “Sinungaling” is a song to tell all the liars of the world and dishonesty is the worst policy. When asked where they get their inspiration for this album they said, “Nakukuha namin ‘yan sa mga pangkaraniwang karanasan sa buhay. Mga terms na ginagamit namin tuwing nagja-jam kami, mga jokes, at mga seryosong bagay.” They also take time to write songs inspired by one another where the group’s funny side would always come out. We love how songs are presented with not only pure rap, but also how it develops frequencies on hooks. We also like how rap verses are enunciated clearly, that’s when you’re sure about the comprehension of its lyrical narrative. The Realistick album is enjoyable, an intellectual project that deserves to be heard. Laman-loob music video by StickFiggasTV.